What is Ethereum?

If you are in the crypto currency trading market, you would be very familiar with ethereum. You might have heard of it and have been intrigued by its advantages and if you don’t, then this article is for you.


In plain language, ethereum is a smart contract platform. This is a way to run the contract on the blockchain. The platform has a database that stores all the transactions. So you can see how the platform will enable the organization to run applications easily without any delays or interruptions.

The different applications that can be run using ethereum include smart contracts. These are contracts that enable you to complete a specific task using a predetermined fee.

Ethereum uses the concept of cryptography. The platform ensures that the transaction and its signing is done in an encrypted manner. This way, if you share your private key with someone, he cannot hack into your system. And therefore, he will not be able to access the data that was intended for him.

As far as this smart contract platform is concerned, it is being used mostly by the financial institutions to support some of their operations. Many individuals are also using it to conduct transactions.

What’s so unique about ethereum? Well, there are various advantages that the platform brings to the table. There are two parts that you need to consider when dealing with ethereum. And these are the ethereum smart contract and the blockchain technology.

The ethereum smart contract is very much like a standard programming language. In other words, it is a language that allows you to write the code of your contract in a structured manner.

Now what’s the difference between the ethereum smart contract and the programming language? The main difference is that the ethereum platform enables you to process and transfer transactions without needing to use a central server. And therefore, the operations that you perform on the platform will be processed efficiently.

The second part is called the blockchain. The blockchain is the new generation technology that provides you with a solution to a number of problems that arise due to the slow speed of computers. It can handle a lot of information in a very short time period.

You can think of the blockchain as a giant ledger that keeps track of every transaction that takes place. Transactions can be recorded in a systematic manner. The transaction tracking is done in such a way that it is very hard to tamper with the information.

More importantly, the blockchain can also function as a medium of exchange between people who are trying to exchange real money for virtual money. Transactions can be secured with a built-in escrow mechanism.

So, when it comes to investing in the crypto currency, ethereum is considered as a good platform to follow. More people are switching to this platform. With the many advantages that ethereum offers, you can also expect to reap some rewards.